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[09 Aug 2006|10:18pm]
I recently came upon a grear video on YouTube. Sinead O'Connor's Saturday Night Live performance from more than ten years ago. I've heard of this video plenty of times but its never been available. Nice to finally see what all the fuss was about. Don't read about it or anything, just watch the video from start to finish, allowing the ending to shock you. What she did pretty much ruined her career. Within minutes, thousands of calls of complaint were coming into NBC. The censors at SNL acted quickly and turned off the applause sign, marking the first and only time no applause was offered to the musical guest at the end of the performance. In addition, she wasn't thanked by the host at the end of the show for her performance, the only time this has ever been done.
Well, at first. Yes.

Stork Patrol [03 Jul 2006|01:04am]
From the lads who brought you the SNL Digital Shorts from the past year...pretty funny in a weird way...Had to watch it five times just to get all the references made...

Well, at first. Yes.

[16 Jun 2006|01:40am]
Good news on the front regarding the Mass and continuing attempts to make the liturgy more faithful to the original Latin. I couldn't be happier!

Well, at first. Yes.

[11 Jun 2006|12:37am]
There are moments of time, moments of the day, in which my love for our Blessed Mother is overpowering and overwhelming. This is one of them. She truly is the mother of us all, blessed among women.
ave maria.
Well, at first. Yes.

[11 Jun 2006|12:25am]
Through the course of my usual surfing the internet, I've now become especially concerned with Maryland's gubernatorial election in November. Governor Ehrlich came face to face with a budget defecit when he entered office. Since then, he has balanced the budget each year and has even met a surplus this past year. Couple that with the lower unemployment rate and Chesepeake Bay Restoration Act, I wonder what could have him trailing behind the proposed Democratic opponents, O'Malley especially.
Naturally, I'm especially fond of him because of his support of horse racing in Maryland. Considering the tirp Dad and I make every year, lets conservatively say that we spend a hundred dollars or so while within the state. Couple that with the other 110,000 people who visit the Preakness year in and year out. There is no doubt that Pimlico and Maryland racing is in shambles. Pimlico is a disguisting building, falling apart, and is only kept open by the money it makes on Preakness Day. Through its good graces, Magna Entertainment, which runs Maryland racing, has kept the Preakness at Pimlico. Unfortunately, it seems it may not be able to continue doing this. Thus, the remedy would appear simple. Slots. They've been passed in other states allowing revitalization of tracks across the country. Slots would allow millions of extra dollars to be poured into the Maryland racing industry every year. Gorvernor Ehrlich has been an especial proponent of allowing slots. Who do you suppose is its greatest enemy? The Democrats. Maryland's Speaker of the House, a Democrat, said that among other things, that there were not many fans of racing in the first place. Lets to the math, even more conservatively. $100 spent in the course of Preakness by 100,000 poeople...that's 10 million in just one day. Now imagine how helpful slots would be! I never thought I would say it, but Maryland should be punished. Magna should threaten to move the Preakness to one of its tracks in Texas or California, where slots are enjoyed and racing respected. Maybe that would be a wakeup call to the horrible Democrats in Maryland. Pimlico is Maryland's last hope at being a part of horse racing. Without the Preakness, the racing industry as well as many horse farms would move elsewhere: Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I could obviously not imagine the Preakness being anywhere else...its the PREAKNESS for God's sake! But the threat should remain. Magna is doing a favor by keeping the race in Maryland, they could easily make more money elsewhere.
Anyhow, Governor Ehrlich should be applauded for his work. Which leads me elsewhere. The Democrats, African Americans, don't know what's good for them. African Americans especially like being told what to do, and they like being taken care of. They're on welfare, so what, at least the government takes care of them. The Democrat's motto is: Vote for us, we'll take care of you. The Republican's: Vote for us, we'll give you tough love and make you work hard, but you'll be given the oppotrunity to improve your standards of living.
Why 140 years after the end of slavery do so many African Americans live in poverty? Because the Democrats have kept them there by having them continue feeling victimized and bad about themselves. If they took the time realize that there was more to life, they could stand for improvement.
It baffles me that African Americans, descended from families who have been in America for 300 years could fare less than the likes of us who rose out of the filty bogs of Ireland 80 years ago and become more well off than 90% of America. I'll say it once: WORK ETHIC. If you don't have that, you're a loser and you're bound nowhere.
And O'Malley, what can I say? I don't pretend to realize that Republicanism holds within it every tenant of Catholicism, but for a Democrat to call themselves a Catholic and Democrat, that is mere impossible. My friends, I shall say this once: MORAL RELAVATISM WILL BE THE DEMISE OF THE WORLD, OF SOCIETY, AND OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!
Well, at first. Yes.

[05 Jun 2006|11:19pm]
The first week of my Honor's Seminar about the DaVinci Code is behind me and I'm quite happy that I managed to make it into the course. Dr. Zagano is a fascinating person. She is an expert about the history of Catholicism and the early Church. She worked at the Pentagon at one point as well as for Cardinal O'Connor and the Archdiocese of New York. While her views about the Church are a little more liberal and progressive (i.e. wanting woman deacons) she still seems to be a fevout Catholic who knows much about her fait.
Dan Brown and the novel she contends are blatantly anti-Catholic, there can be little debate that justifies otherwise. The inaccuracies within the novel are important to note as well. Each of us in the class is given various subjects to investigate and write about. My assignment was the five-pointed star known as the Pentagram. Brown manipulates this, first of all by inaccurately calling it a Pentacle. The worst distortion however comes with his assertion that the Pentagram represents the goddess Venus because the planet of Venus traces a "perfect" (Brown uses this in the novel) pattern of the Pentacle every eight years. However, the trace of the pentacle is far from "perfect." Venus makes an imperfect and irregular shape of the pentacle, some lines longer than others (a direct rejection of the pentacle which possesses equally sized lines, etc.) Langdon in the novel also criticizes the "Vatican" and "early Roman Catholic Church" of the first few centuries AD. The problem is that the Vatican itself has existed only for the last 80 years, being developed after the Lateran Treaties in the late 1920's. Also, his anti-Catholic comment about the "early Roman Catholic Church" is wrong in two matters. The early Church was not Catholic, it was the early Church. Catholicism did not exist because the entire Church was basically Catholic under the Pope. Thus early Methodists and Catholics were the same because they were contained within the same Church under the Pope. The other Churches would not come into their own until the Protestant Reformation. Also, referring to the Catholic Church as Roman Catholic is a vestage of anti-Catholic Protestantism. Early Protestants used the word "Roman" in an almost dergatory manner. The common courtesy is to refer to particular Church in the way they refer to themselves. The Church refers to itself in every document as the Catholic Church. Roman, despite common belief, is not included. If you had a fried who wished to be referred to as John, would you instead refer to him as Jack against his wishes? I should hope not.
Dr. Zagano has many friends within the New York Archdiocese and has planned a field trip for us to visit the headquarters of Opus Dei in the City on Wednesday. The prelature obviously received much bad press with the Davinci Code, however I am quite excited, always finding myself enthralled and interested in the orgnization. One student, while we had a break in between classes was speaking to someone next to me. He knew no one in Opus Dei but referred to them as "Fucking nuts" and "Crazy bastards." In retrospect I wish I had something, called him out on it. It took twenty years but that was probably the first and most vile anti-Catholic gesture that I have heard. Dr. Zagano says that most anti-Catholicism, especially in the south, stems from ignorance. Scary when the larges Church on the face of the earth can be continually criticized for 2000 years. The burden we must carry, I suppose. Of other's ignorance.
Well, at first. Yes.

[22 May 2006|01:48am]
This was the year...I had convinced myself. The longest Triple Crown drought in history, and I knew that this year, we would finally have one. I didn't bet on Barbaro on Derby Day. I wish I had. His win had me convinced that he was the real deal. Victories on turf, on dirt. Victories on fast and sloppy tracks. Undefeated. The largest margin of a Derby victory in 50 years. The fastest finish since Secretariat. Secreatriat! He was going to win yesterday. I saw it no other way.
The day progressed as it has for the past years. I won some money, lost some money. That's never the reason for going though. The Preakness horses were eventually brought out and saddled on the turf. I glanced over each horse with my binoculars to observe their form. They then proceeded to the dirt track as "Maryland, My Maryland" was sung. I joined in singing as I continued to observe the horses with my binoculars. I had placed $7 on Barbaro to win, and then boxed $2 exactas with Barbaro, Bernardini, and Like Now.
My heart beat quickly as the horses approached the post. I felt my neck, my pulse racing as if I had just run a mile myself. Its just a horse race I told myself. Why the excitement? Why should my hear beat so quickly? Why should I be so nervous? It wasn't the money. That has never mattered. I'm convinced that its because anything can happen in a horse race. Anything that can happen or go wrong often does; and for a person like myslef who isn't too fond of surprises or unknown variables, horse racing excels in every aspect.
All of the horses were loaded and I carefully steadied my termbling hands as I gazed at the post with my binoculars. And then, a burst forth. But only one gate opened...gate 6...and Barbaro came hurtling from the gate as the others horses remained behind. "Fuck!" I thought to myself, "It's probably over." Thankfully, two form horses managed to get in front of Barbaro before he could get too far. He was turned around and led awkwardly around and loaded back into the gate as the other horses grew restless.
In my experience of horse racing, it was something I had never seen in my life. Only one gate opening? How would Barbaro react to it? Would he have lost some little energy? I consoled myself by comparing it to a false start from a track runner. It certainly doesn't mean that they're out of the game.
Once the horses were ready again, I waited tensly, the gates failing to open for what seemed to be an eternity. They opened and the horses hurtled forward, Barbaro and the rest off to a good start. Edgar Prado positioned Barbaro well as the pack passed the finish line for the first time.
And then I barely knew what happened.
First Barbaro appeared to be slowing down, losing ground and headeding to the back of the track. And then he hurtled to the right, away from the pack, to the sidelines where my line of sight could no longer see him.
"Fuck!" I thought to myself, almost resolved to saying it aloud. It was all over, and I stood in disbelief. A kid in front of me laughed at Barbaro's misfortune. That still bothers me. Frankly, I was pissed at first. In fact, as he trailed to the right, I thought he had lost direcion or gone off course. Realizing that his training wouldn't have allowed that, I knew that he wa sinjured.
As all these thoughts passed through my mind, the pack of horses was already rounding the last turn again. Someone mentioned Sweetnorthernsaint so I thought he was winning. I poised my binoculars on them again and found Bernardini to win the race. I didn't care. Most people didn't I think. It was the least important race I had ever seen. Who cared? It had been done before. I'll never forget that race. In fifty years I wouldn't be able to tell you who won the race. That's inconsequential. But that picture of the majestic Barbaro traversing from the pack will remain with me.
As soon as the horses crossed the finish line, I turned to Dad and said "Let's get out of here." I was unhappy, pissed...mostly that a horse such as Barbaro should be denied such greatness.
As we shuffled from our seats, an equine abulence rushed down the track to the aread where Barbaro was being attended to. Subsequently, he was rushed to an equine hospital in Pennsylvania, and as of now, he is said to have a 50-50 chance of living. Pictures of him show him in good form. The problem however is that if his injury keeps blood from flowing in his back right leg, then he cannot survive.
Later video of the race amazed and sickened me. One video of the race allowed a view of Barbaro running, and after one step that barely seemed like a misstep, you could see his back right leg, dangling limply as if it had been ripped from its socket. Prado brilliantly navigated Barbaro from the pack and to the sidelines as he gallopped on three legs, keeping his back right leg raised in a heatbreaking manner.
Its not the first time something like that had happened. In fact, his inkury was so bad that if he had been a lower profile horse, they probably would have euthanized him right there on the track. The ambulence carried with it a green curtain which was unloaded onto the track...in case Barbaro had to be euthanized on the track, the audience would not have to witness it.
Trainer Michael Matz told the track hands that it was unnecessary. Still, its a haunting scene. Most horses do not survive such disaster because they're euthanized long before.
Barbaro's racing career is over. In fact, thats the best thing he has going for him at the moment.
Again there is no Triple Crown. And for a brief time yesterday, I considered giving up on horse racing. Couldn't I just stop watching and caring? I asked myself. Its led me to such masochism. Year after year I get my hopes up and am disappointed. I've had more disappointing and unhappy days at the track than good ones, and yet I always come back for more. Yet its the amazing feats that keep me coming back. Smarty Jones winning the Preakness by a record 9 lengths! Betting on a 12-1 horse named Mr. O'Brien and winning! Afleet Alex nearly stumbling and winning the Preakness! Betting on longshot Royal Moment in Saratoga and winning! Saratoga itself would keep me coming back for more. But what a sport! Secretariat's 31 length victory in the Belmont is still the greatest feat I have ever witnessed. How he could be 1/16 of a mile in front of the second place horse still confuses me.
And for a while yesterday, I couldn't take me eyes off the final turn of the track. The final turn that Seabiscuit came hurtling from seventy years ago to resonantly defeat the regally bred War Admiral. Things like that...
Day in day out, year after year, I'll be there, through the disappointments and celebrations. Bill Finley very beautifully wrote:
he Belmont Stakes won't be much this year, not without Barbaro. But I will be there and so will 80,000 or so people. I'll be there for stately Saratoga and so will so many other people who love this sport. Yes, I will keep coming back. Sometimes, though, like today, I wonder why.

And I wonder why also. I can't do otherwise. For the sake of that one day that might make it all worth while. One Triple Crown is all I ask...is all I'm convinced for. With one Triple Crown I could die with complete happiness.

Maybe next year.
Well, at first. Yes.

[27 Apr 2006|02:02pm]
Well, Brother Derek has arrived in Louisville...I guess we can get started now, can't we?

And now Bryan is 18...I never thought I'd see the day! Happy birthday, I hope it was a lot of fun!
Well, at first. Yes.

[13 Feb 2006|02:19am]
Just thought I'd post the final question I had to write in my workbook as to where I was driving to.

Я двигаюсь в Штат Мэриленд. ("I am driving to Maryland")

...I wish.
Well, at first. Yes.

[11 Feb 2006|12:02am]
How the very blood within my veins yearns for Maryland. Never at any other point in my life have I so longed that it were a May afternoon in Maryland. My mother state to thee I kneel, Maryland my Maryland...Yes, more than the Derby, more than the Belmont, more than the Travers or the Wood Memorial, the Preakness is indeed my favorite horse race of the year. God bless Pimlico. God bless Baltimore and the state of Maryland. It will no doubt be different for us this year, Bryan, but it shall be no less enjoyable. I look forward to it and long for it every day, and tomorrow, as the snow quickly falls upon the ground up here...I shall think of a warm, weekend in May...in which one of my favorite weekends of the year commences...
Can I just move down there and live with you?
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[31 Jan 2006|10:30pm]
If I wanted to watch the Democratic response to the State of the Union Address, I'd just as well head to the Bronx Zoo and observe the monkeys in their cages.
2 You Mean You Were Raped?!?| Well, at first. Yes.

Gutentaag! [14 Jan 2006|08:22am]
Greetings from Austria! Weather i´sn´`t too bad either. Went to Budapest yesterday and we`´ll be in Prague tomorrow. I miss Panera Bread and James Bond!
Well, at first. Yes.

[20 Oct 2005|11:13pm]
The motha fuckin Breeder's Cup is in eight days...that's right...eight days.

"Go make your next choice be your best choice
And if you're looking for a boy with a voice, well baby I'm single
Are you in the mood for some dude, are you in the mood to be subdued
Or would you rather just mingle?
Let's get set then to go then and let us jet set we'll be like the jetsons
You can be Jane my wife. Should I marry Jane tonight?
I would if I could. I'd do most anything spontaneously."
Well, at first. Yes.

[19 Oct 2005|10:27pm]
Is it strange or weird that I love, not just like, but love going to Church now? So much so that I like going to hour and a half high masses at St. Pius X. Additionally, I was hoping that All Saints Day and the Immaculate Conception wouldn't be on the weekend so that, as holy days of obligation, I'd have to go to mass during the week. I've taken to the twenty minutes morning and evening prayers in my Latin Missal too, not to mention the Angelus at Noon and 6:00 plus Confessions almost every Saturday...yet I still sometimes feel as if I'm destined for hell...
There's been a drastic shakeup of the top ten on my ITunes list, let's take a look:
1. You're Beautiful - James Blunt
2. God Save the Queen - BBC Concert Orchestra
3. The Remedy (I Won't Worry)- Jason Mraz
4. Wordplay - Jason Mraz
5. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Bob Dylan
6. My Back Pages - Bob Dylan
7. Catch the Wind - Donovan
8. Kentucky Medley - Louisville Thoroughbred Chorus
9. Another American Folk Song - Uncredited
10.A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall - Jason Mraz

"You see it started way back in NYC
When I stole my first rhyme from the M-I-C
At a west end avenue at 63
It's the beginning of a leap year February ‘96
win a guitar picked it up in the mix
I committed to the licks a like a nickel back of tricks
I’m just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and I’m waiting for my rocket to come
I’m just a curbside prophet
with my hand in my pocket
and I’m waiting for my rocket y'all"
Well, at first. Yes.

[18 Oct 2005|10:09pm]
"My heart is pounding with a difficulty for that which I must come to terms with. I have lived through it, I have written of it; yet for this one last time, I must kill Diana, Princess of Wales...as if once, twice wasn't enough..."
-Brandon O'Brien
10:08 PM
Well, at first. Yes.

[17 Oct 2005|11:59pm]
You can tell a lot about a person by the ten most listened songs on a person's ITunes Play Count. In order, they are:

God Save the Queen - BBC Orchestra
You're Beautiful- James Blunt
My Back Pages - Bob Dylan
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan
Wordplay - Jason Mraz
Kentucky Medley - Louisville Thoroughbred Chorus
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall - Jason Mraz
The Remedy (I Won't Worry) - Jason Mraz
Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
Geek in the Pink - Jason Mraz
Well, at first. Yes.

[17 Oct 2005|10:42pm]
So I discovered Jason Mraz on like October 5 or 6. I found an album on ITunes called "Listen to Bob Dylan" where all these musicians sing Bob Dylan songs, including a Mraz rendition of "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall." I fell in love with it immediately, I mean the song on its own is extraordinary, but this version was amazing. So I read up on Jason Mraz and everything, I've known who he was for a while but not really. I got his album "Mr. A-Z" on the Friday before going to Maryland, so Maryland weekend I listened to it and whatnot. I found out this week that he would be preforming at Lincoln Center October 16-17, so I want to find someone to go with. It eventually appears as if there are no tickets left, so I'm bummed but I deal with it. I eventually find out that there are tickets available, I think I bought them on the 13th? Two tickets for the Sunday Lincoln Center show. So Morgan and I decide to go. Last Friday I got his first album "Waiting For My Rocket to Come", Ok "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)", "Curbside Prophet", have I ever heard such amazing songs?
Sunday rolls around, Morgan and I head into the City in the afternoon, we have dinner-lunch at the Pig N Whistle in Midtown and then take a cab to Lincoln Center in the Upper West Side. We get there about an hour early so we go to Duane Reid because Morgan needs band-aids because her feet have blisters from walking a bit.
We get to Lincoln Center and head into Avery Fisher Hall which is the building to the right. We hang around and get in line, doors open at 7:00. We get to our Orchestra seats and think that there is something wrong...OK, so packed house at Avery Fisher Hall, right? And I'm sure plenty of people got these tickets long in advance. We had seats in row M...thirteen rows from the stage, thirteen! And on top of it, our seats were exactly in the center...I couldn't believe it, the tickets were only $35 a piece on top of it. I show my ticket to the ushers to make sure there was no mistake...still, I do not understand how we got those seats. I liked being in the Orchestra, I had only sat in the Orchestra at Avery Fisher only once before about 8 years ago at Christmas when mom, dad, conor, pat, and I sat in the first row for the Christmas Boy's Harlem Choir concert. Whenever I see the Philharmonic perform at Avery Fisher, our seats are on the first tier.
So the opening act was impressive, don't remember the name right now, but he played the guitar like I had never seen before...one string actually broke. The music was a little to sultry and soulful, but the playing was impressive.
Jason Mraz came out on stage at like 8:30, just him playing guitar in front of a black curtain. "We's are gonna have lots of fun tonight," he promised, "This one is a singalong," he remarked beginning with "You and I Both." After that, he remarked about the cap that he was wearing and how on the road, its hard to keep your hair neat. It was an old cap, you could tell, plus I'd seen it in pictures before...the inside was brown, infused with dirt and sweat. He then played "Life is Wonderful" which as everyone knows starts off slowly and then gets more exciting. So in the song, when themusic gets loud, the black curtain drops and reveals the entire band behind him...I'm not one to be easily impressed...I was though. It was cool to see Toca Rivera on stage too, he's like the back up drummer and stuff...he is awesome.
My favortie song of the night was "Did you get My Message" which had an AWESOME beat and he sung it with a lot of excitement. It was like awesome, he performed it wonderfully and was jumping up on speakers and dancing all over the place and everything...it was just awesomely done. The screaming of the crazy teenage girls was a bit much, but whatever.
Before singing "Plain Jane," he talked about how he considered himself a "normal guy." Just then, a fifteen year old girl shouted out, "I wanna have sex with you!." There was a brief silence, he looked flustered for a minute and then brillantly responded, "Now you see, THAT"s not normal! And if someone said that to you at the place you worked, wouldn't that be considered sexual harrassment?" People clapped, I laughed and Morgan remarked "That girl must feel like such an asshole."
There were plenty of colorful people at the concert, I joked that considering the illustrious residents of Avery Fisher Hall, it had probably never before seen anything like this. Mraz even joked that he wasn't properly dressed (jeans and tee-shirt) for a place like Avery Fisher Hall. There were gays dioagonnally to us, there was a gay couple next to Morgan...and there were teenage girls, at least a thousand of which who would have had sex with Jason Mraz at the drop of a hat. One of the gays next to Morgan started crying during "Mr. Curiosity." I couldn't help but giggle a bit, Morgan tried to keep a straight face. I mean, its a beautiful song and I"m sure it has some meaning to him, but...I don't know. "It probably has some sentimental value," Morgan said. During "Mr. CUriosity" Jason Mraz said, "Let's put some Lincoln Center in it," and started like an Operatic chant.
Mraz played "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" and did it beautifully, having us join in for a singalong again. He also played "Curbside Prophet" with Toca on the bajno...that was cool! Before starting the song he remarked, "This song started right behind this building," considering that he actually went to New York for College. Its such a funky song, he even included lyrics about Lincoln Center for the concert...I love the lyrics! "I'm just a curbside prophet with my hand in my pocket and I'm waiting for my rocket to come." HaHa...get it?
For an encore, the band came back and he sang the dark sone "Plane." He then finished with "Geek in the Pink," which was flawless. Again, he was jumping on the speakers, dancing all over the place, really getting into it.
He was a great entertainer, and I loved the concert. He was totally into it, he really let us all in on it too. He was all over the place, jumping up and down, jumping on amps and speakers, dancing around, making funny expressions and faces, and even jumping and kicking a mic stand at one point.
He better come back sooner than later. I would see Jason Mraz in concert every day for the rest of my life if I could...

You and I Both
Life is Wonderful
Bella Luna
Mr. Curiosity
Did You Get My Messag?
Plain Jane
Please Don't Tell Her (With an excited "Fuck Yeah!" right before the chorus)
The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
Curbside Prophet
Geek In the Pink
~~Just to name a few from the 2 hour show.

I wish that "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" could just loop over in my head again and again for the rest of my life. I wish I could have my own soundtrack of Bob Dylan and Jason Mraz. The two of them have had the effect on my life that "East of Eden" literarily did for me. Soon everyone will know what "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" means to ME.
Well, at first. Yes.

[14 Oct 2005|10:15pm]
The rain has been incessent. Went out to my car at 7:30 this morning to head to work. I got into the car and I saw this creepy freak walking down the street in the middle of it, in my direction about twenty feet. Mind you, we were in the midst of a downpour and he was just nonchelantly walking. I got into the car and turned it on, and relocked the doors of course because I didn't want him to kill me. I've never seen him before in my life...just walking down the street. Drove past him as he continued to abmle down the street...smoking a cigarette...hmm.
I drempt last night that I was in my math class room last year in school, but Bob Dylan was teaching my class, and it wasn't math...it was something else. IT was really cool and funny. He was like Bob Dylan circa 1966 and he just walked up and down the aisles between the desks, singing "Blowing in the Wind" with his raspy voice...funny because "Blowing in the Wind" is one of my least favorite favorites. And then he stopped at someone in front of the room, some guy, got down on one knee, and continued to sing to him...it was awesome. So of course I woke up feeling as if I knew him, and liking him even more than usual...as you usually do when you dream of someone.
Islam is evil...utter evil. I've just had that strong feeling and that's all I have to say. It is an evil, hate-filled religion based and spread by violence. Each and every Muslim in the world is evil, and they must be stopped.
Islam is evil, it must be destroyed.
Go tell that to the fucking New York Times.
Well, at first. Yes.

[14 Oct 2005|12:27am]
Ahh. Just ordered tickets to see Jason Mraz at Avery Fisher Hall on Sunday. I'm quite relieved. Talk about cutting it close!
Well, at first. Yes.

[13 Oct 2005|11:42pm]
Harriet Miers is a crusty old woman who has no right to be on the Supreme Court. I have no idea what the President was thinking. In other news, I'm waiting for the Bird Flu to come to America so half of us can die...
Thought of a good quote to live by last night: "Think Silliness." Silliness is fun and completely carefree, so mabye we should all just try to be a little more silly. So "Think Silliness," "Thank God," and "Listen to Bob Dylan." I wish I could have his music playing all the time so it can provide a soundtrack to my life!
Margaret Thatcher, another crusty old woman (but this one has a set of balls), is complaining about Britain's involvement in Iraq. If this was twenty years ago however, I'm sure she would have been right along with Reagan, in between the times that she was having sexual intercourse with him.
I've made such extraordinary headway with my piece of work that it should be done by Thanksgiving at the latest, and for that, I thank God. And speaking of thanking God, I think I should start going to Church every day...
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